Thursday, December 6, 2018

Suite AntwaAnna

Happy holidays ladies and a few gents. Some of you may already know but I've partnered with my daughter Brianna. We are now in a private suite inside of Salon Jenoure. So basically I moved my station. I'm all set up and I can't wait for you guys to see the room. We've got my art hung up and retail. See you soon!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Holiday Savings

I am doing a special on weave extensions. So if you're looking for an alternative style here is your chance you take advantage of this. This special is for a full weave sew in with 2 bundles max. You can either do a front leave out or have it all completely put away. Lace fronts, closures are not included but can be added for additional cost. This service also includes a basic style service like flat iron or curls. Style cuts and or color services are also an additional cost. 
So check out this special for $150.00 offer is good until 11/21/18

Bear with me...

So initially I used Styleseat as my online booking system because obviously I liked the fact that my clients could book online. It also has a directory which helps generate new business. However it is no longer free it cost $35 a month. So after being off for a year and not sure how quick business would pick up, I decided to use square's appointment booking system because it was FREE for square customers. However I am a Samsung mobile device user and unfortunately they don't have a seamless app for android operating systems. As a matter of fact they don't have an app for android at all. Not to mention the directory does help send you one or two new clients a month. So I'm trying Styleseat again, they have a free trial for 14 days as a returning customer. Downside is they don't link to my square so its yet another point of sale transactions app I have to maintain and consider when doing my annual finances. Not to mention they don't have a card reader to swipe. 
Anyway I'm saying all this to say if you notice that I may go back and fourth please be patient and bear with me. I'm just trying to find and use the best eCommerce solution for my business so I can continue to best service you with ease and convenience. 
So for now I've integrated Styleseat into my dashboard here on Some of you are familiar with the platform and have used the app on your mobile device. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

So far so good!

Hello ladies! First let me say it has been so wonderful to see you all. We have been catching up on life and hair. Thank you so much for your return and patronage. So far we have been off to a good start. I love working at Salon Jenoure and you guys seem to really enjoy coming here.
I've been busy servicing you and also busy doing custom wall art for the new salon. So I'm still reaping the benefits of the best of both worlds. It's truly been a blessing. 

As always I look forward to the Autumn season. I love the deep rich colors and everything pumpkin, cable knit sweaters and Uggs boots. I also love hair color that reflects the fall season as well. I've been busy doing custom color on natural hair as well as wigs and extensions.

There are so many new color formulations and bond strengtheners that condition and repair the hair all while the color is processing. This is wonderful news since this means zero to very minimal compromise to the integrity of your hair. Thanks to the cutting edge, advance technology of today's color systems. That is why a continued education is always important and valuable. So I did plenty of catching up prior to returning behind the chair. I wanted to not only return for more income, but to also fall back in love with my first love...Hair.
Yes cosmetology was at one point all I could ever dream of doing forever. I think The time off has made me appreciate it again. I knew if I decided to return I would also need a fresh new attitude and the best way to achieve that was through education. 
I am looking forward to passing all that wonderful knowledge on to you as the consumer. 
I have also opened an online shop for my custom wigs, clip-in extenions and loc bundles.
Click here to check it out.

Something New

So you think you want a change but your a bit apprehensive. Well that is understandably so. Change is not easy. We get comfortable with our styles. Old reliable roller wraps or dark brown color. Perhaps its even hard for you to switch the side you wear your hair parted on???

Learn how you can do gradual even subtle changes to your hair to refresh your look. Below I have just a few things that you can try, however there are plenty of options... Just consult with either myself or your healthy hair coach near you. 

1.COLOR= color it doesn't have to be this drastic long drawn out process and then when you spin around to the mirror you don't even recognize yourself. 
 A.) Glazes impart shine and enough color that you can only see it when your in natural light. Like outside with your cape still on holding the mirror standing in the parking lot. (just kidding) (but not). 
 B.) Five foil challenge where you get 5 sectioned off pieces of hair in the front top crown area foiled. This can be done in chunky highlights to thin highlights and your color selection can range from barely there to bold and extreme. Its a good way to introduce permanent color. Also a good way to add a bold pop of color without drastically over doing it.
 C.) Temporary color pieces are also another wonderful way to add color they can be done in a multitude of ways. Clip-ins, sewn in, and bonded in.

2.Haircut= I know, I know you're thinking I don't want to cut my hair. Now I'm not saying you have to whack it all off silly. But here are a few simple style cuts or trims.
 A.)Layers which can be done in a variety of lengths depending on your hair's length and or how dramatic you want the layers to be. Long wispy layers or really choppy defined layers. 
 B.)Bangs a great way to frame your face they can be short like a Chinese bob or mod look. They can be basic right above eyebrow length. They can be heavy where more hair is pulled forward. Face framing where they are fringed around the face. Slithered so they can be swept to one side etc.etc.
 C.)Both Layers and a bang are nice ways to add a new look and enjoy the best of both worlds.
 D.)A Good Trim you know so many of you are afraid to clean up raggedy ends that are frayed to the point that they don't even smooth out when heat is applied. Having a good trim (which for most of your guys means is about an inch) can refresh a hair style, make it last longer, prevent more splitting and keeps hair from tangling.
3.Weave Extensions=Okay if your budget allows and your are brave enough to try a whole new look all together without it being permanent, extensions are a wonderful way to achieve a new look.
 A.)Long extensions can give someone with a short style who wants to grow out their hair a new change. Or perhaps you just want a break from your real hair.
B.)Short extensions can be done for someone who has length and isn't ready to cut their own hair yet. They can also provide someone with short hair an edgy bang or pop of color.
C.)Curly extensions are great if you want to try a more natural look. They are also great for work outs because they hair is already curly. The better quality the hair you can sometimes even blow it out and wear is straight. 
All of these options can be done in a variety of ways to suit your needs.
These are just a few ideas for someone looking to change their look either subtle or drastically.  Stay tuned next week for tips on how to transition from relaxed to natural hair. Also information on some of the benefits of going relaxer free.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

I'm back and at a new location.

Hello Friends,

It's been a long time! After leaving from behind the chair to pursue my art career full time I've decided to return to my my first love. I haven't stopped doing art but I have a "long term" goal I'm trying to achieve within a 5 year time frame. Not to mention the periodical text messages from you all asking me to return. SO I'M BACK!!!!. 
Whats new? Well first of all my attitude, second my location, and I've switched online booking services. I've also streamlined my services. Any braid styles or natural hair styles will likely be referred to my daughter who is also a licensed cosmetologist.
My new location is still in Bowie,MD across from The Bowie Town Center. It's a beautiful boutique salon located in the office park on Northview Drive. If you are familiar with where the movie theater is located you would make a right instead of a left.

 I hope I see you soon. Peace and grace. 
Map of 4337 Northview Dr, Bowie, MD 20716 
 Image result for 4337 northview drive bowie md