Monday, November 12, 2018

Holiday Savings

I am doing a special on weave extensions. So if you're looking for an alternative style here is your chance you take advantage of this. This special is for a full weave sew in with 2 bundles max. You can either do a front leave out or have it all completely put away. Lace fronts, closures are not included but can be added for additional cost. This service also includes a basic style service like flat iron or curls. Style cuts and or color services are also an additional cost. 
So check out this special for $150.00 offer is good until 11/21/18

Bear with me...

So initially I used Styleseat as my online booking system because obviously I liked the fact that my clients could book online. It also has a directory which helps generate new business. However it is no longer free it cost $35 a month. So after being off for a year and not sure how quick business would pick up, I decided to use square's appointment booking system because it was FREE for square customers. However I am a Samsung mobile device user and unfortunately they don't have a seamless app for android operating systems. As a matter of fact they don't have an app for android at all. Not to mention the directory does help send you one or two new clients a month. So I'm trying Styleseat again, they have a free trial for 14 days as a returning customer. Downside is they don't link to my square so its yet another point of sale transactions app I have to maintain and consider when doing my annual finances. Not to mention they don't have a card reader to swipe. 
Anyway I'm saying all this to say if you notice that I may go back and fourth please be patient and bear with me. I'm just trying to find and use the best eCommerce solution for my business so I can continue to best service you with ease and convenience. 
So for now I've integrated Styleseat into my dashboard here on Some of you are familiar with the platform and have used the app on your mobile device.